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"How to lose 6kgs in 1 and a half months"

I'm getting married on the 23rd of March and have tried dieting but nothing seems to be working. I need to lose atleast 6kgs by then. Please could you help with a list of what I should eat and should not eat. and any other hints that could help please

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Yoleicia Naidoo
 User  Yoleicia Naidoo asked at 30 Jan. 2013


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Jonathan Edwards
 User Jonathan Edwards answered to question to 06 Feb. 2013
Losing 6kgs in a month or so is doable. Cut out things like carbs and fat. If you do take carbs have Low Gi. Use natural things like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing. Use natural spices, herbs and garlics as flavourings and food seasoning. Dont use marinade sauce as they have hidden sugars, carbs and fats. Fruit juice is high in sugar so make sure its sugar free. Low fat dairy and lean meats are good alternatives.

Try and exercise for 45 minutes of 4-6 days a week this will help shed some extra kilos. Try and work in alot of cardio into your exercise routine.

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