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Annabel Koffman

Annabel Koffman

Annabel Koffman

Of all the partnerships I have been involved in in the last 15 years, I’m most excited about this one. Why? Because it presents a platform where you can come and understand what’s making you sick and find answers and proven treatments for the prevention and management of chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease. 


I’ll be honest, up until 2011 I really did not have much interest in natural medicine, holistic treatments or in why you should bother with supplementation.  After all, I was ‘healthy’.  Why should I care about any of this stuff.


But in 2012 two things happened:


Antoinette, our long standing Health Publisher decided to make some life changes resigning from FSP and I was diagnosed with something called Uveitis. A symptomatic disease brought on by stress where your immune system turns on your body and attacks the iris of your eye.


It was the second ‘event’ that had the most dramatic impact on me.


Suddenly, the ‘healthy’ me was plunged into the frightening world of being diagnosed with a life threatening chronic disease.


You see, my Uveitis was the symptom of a much more devastating condition - an autoimmune disorder called Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Several specialist appointments later the doctors advised that only 1 in a million have this gene and once it’s been triggered, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. 


Flare ups present as severe arthritic pain in various joints and eventually a complete curvature of the spine could leave me immobile and wheelchair bound.  The only ‘treatment’ available – Cortisone. But of course this would simply treat the symptom not the root cause of the problem.


So although my diagnosis was devastating news, I can now look back and say it was fortunate that at the same time I had to assume the responsibilities of Health Publisher.


Suddenly I was poring through research papers and reading up on integrative medicine because I cared!


I wasn’t willing to accept the specialist prognosis. Suddenly I was one of ‘those people’ diagnosed with a genetic condition doctors had pretty much told me there was nothing I could do about.


But in early 2013 I renewed contact with Dr Craige Golding. SA’s leading doctor in integrative medicine and someone who had passionately supported what we’d been doing in our health division over the past 12 years. That is, developing awareness of age management medicine and the natural treatments available to treat the ‘so called’ diseases associated with ageing.


The more time I spent with him the more opportunity I had to learn about his programs – and actually experience them firsthand for my own ‘condition’.


Today some 2 years later, I haven’t experienced any significant or prolonged arthritis associated flare ups, no related illnesses or any progression in the disease.


I am living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and managing the disease because I have adopted many of the protocols that Dr Golding has successfully treated his patients with. 


And I can honestly say the changes have been nothing short of life changing in every way.


I am healthier now than I’ve ever been – My REALAGE is 2 years younger than my calendar age.  And I bet you’re thinking this probably cost an arm and a leg and required a massive change in my lifestyle.  But I can assure you, the costs are lower than any treatment I would have had to pay a specialist to administer and the changes to my lifestyle so subtle, the only person aware of them is me.


I made simple changes to my nutrition, incorporated an exercise regime and commenced a supplementation program that has had a dramatic effect on the health of my body and a profoundly positive impact on my mind and vitality.


“This really is one of the best opportunities you’ll come across all year and I can guarantee the information you’ll receive from Dr Golding and the FSP Health and Fitness research team over the next 12 months will be nothing short of life changing.

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