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Antoinette Pombo
Joni Peddie (PSASA) Linda Weech Karin Iten, Managing Editor Of The Natural Health Dossier, BA (Hons) Vanessa Jackson (BSc Anat&Phys, AEA, NLP) Craige Golding MBChB (Cum Laude) FCP (SA) Celynn Erasmus (RD SA B Dietetics UP)
I recently started going to the gym and am trying to keep up the momentum despite how cold the weather has gotten over...[read more]
Published at 05 Jun. 2015 1 answer
Hi, Am overweight and i don't know what to do. Everytime i stand on the scale, it goes up. Please help[read more]
Published at 08 Jun. 2015 1 answer
How do I get rid of at least some it...[read more]
Published at 05 Jun. 2015 1 answer
Good morning, I've recently recovered from an injury. How soon after a muscle strain or sprain can I begin...[read more]
Published at 23 Jul. 2015 1 answer
Hi, I have to have starch everyday but am also trying to maintain my weight. Are pasta and potatoes fattening?[read more]
Published at 04 Aug. 2015 1 answer
I'm overweight (by about 15+, but would like to lose even more than that). I used to jog, should I start slow and...[read more]
Published at 16 Jul. 2015 1 answer
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