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"Exercise for heavy legs"

My body is shaped like a pear! I've always done cardio and lost excess weight in my mid-section but I have heavy legs and can't seem to get them lean. Would weight training be a better option and what exercises should I do?

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 User  carmen asked at 27 May. 2013


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 User Tanja answered to question to 29 May. 2013
It is my firm opinion that the best way to reshape and remodel your body is through a combination of both cardio and weight training. While cardio can certainly assist with fat loss, it does little to stimulate lean muscle growth and thus improve body shape and tone. Weight training, on the other hand, is a very effective tool for re-sculpting your body into the shape you desire. An effective weight training programme, in combination with a few high intensity cardio sessions a week, can help you gain some lean muscle in your upper body while also trimming and firming your glutes, legs and calves. This approach can contribute significantly to a change in your body structure and change your current pear shape into a more aesthetically pleasing hourglass figure.

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