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  • If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, it gets a bit tedious to continue when you don’t ever see the results you’re after! And it can be the reason you give up and live with your “big-boned” self. But you may not have tried everything. Despite thinking you have! The reason you can’t lose weight might be because of other factors you never knew about. Like these [continue reading]
    Published at 17 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Weight Loss
  • As you’re well aware, being physically fit is great for your overall health. But it’s when you’re fit in the middle years of your life that it counts the most, reveals a new study. Researchers performing the study on 13,949 men found that it was because of a regular fitness routine as they got older, that the 65 year old men had better overall health. Read on to find out how [continue reading]
    Published at 15 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Fitness
  • Research published by experts at the University of Liverpool say what you remember about food could help you lose weight. And this ties in very closely with what dieticians say about being distracted when you eat. Carry on reading to uncover what the science says about food memories and how it can help you lose weight… *********** Advertisement ************   The secret to [continue reading]
    Published at 13 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Weight Loss
  • Do you know how to use a medicine ball? No? Well, it’s about time you learn. They’re a great tool to help you boost your core strength and get your muscles working for you. Here are two moves to try…  Simple medicine ball moves you can try today   *********** Product endorsement ************   Target your fat from every angle with these two ingredients [continue reading]
    Published at 10 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Core Training
  • Is you regular excuse for avoiding the gym that you’re too busy? Unfortunately, once you read this article, you won’t be able to use that excuse any more. That’s because we’re bringing you one of the easiest routines to fit into your day. One you can do anywhere any time… Keep reading to find out what you can do to keep fit and active despite a busy lifestyle. In just ten [continue reading]
    Published at 09 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Fitness
  • If you’re a yogi, you’ll have no problem agreeing that yoga is a great exercise for body and mind. But if you’re not yet into yoga, you might view it as a softer type of exercise. And something you’re not quite likely to try. But wait, before you write off yoga as a daily exercise completely, read the article below. It might just be the turning point in your every day fitness [continue reading]
    Published at 08 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Yoga
  • Are you sick and tired of having to wear baggy clothes that hide your muffin top? Are you over doing hundreds of crunches every day with nothing to show for it? Are you almost ready to give up on having flat stomach? Then this article is for you! Because today you’ll discover two of the best belly fat fighting articles that can keep your middle trim for the rest of your life. [continue reading]
    Published at 07 Apr. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Flat Belly Workouts
  • Every year the IDEA Health and Fitness Association comes up with a top 10 list of trends in the fitness industry. And every year functional training is included in this list. But what is functional training? This is where Google isn’t always your friend and might tell you a lie or two. But you may be able to find the truth buried amongst many of the thousands of articles. Carry on [continue reading]
    Published at 02 Apr. 2015 from Matthew Fah, Healthandfitnessclub Expert in Functional Training
  • When you think about what you’re going to munch after a strenuous exercise session, you think of foods that’ll help you recover quickly and build your muscles. You’d eat food that contain protein and other nutrients that do just that, right? You wouldn’t sit down to a cup of tea in the hopes it would do all that. But maybe you’ve been doing it wrong all along. In fact, [continue reading]
    Published at 31 Mar. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Fitness
  • Staying in one position during a workout surely won’t be enough to give you a rick solid core and boost your fitness levels, will it? When you master how to do the plank it will! It’s true. The seemingly simple move – when done right – can be just what you need to get your body in shape. Read on to find out how to get a simple move like the plank working for you… [continue reading]
    Published at 26 Mar. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Fitness
  • As the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December, you first scream “Happy New Year” to all of those around you, and then you do one more thing. You make your New Year’s Resolutions. Now that it’s almost April, do you know which resolutions you’ve managed to stick to and those which you haven’t? I’ll tell you which one you probably haven’t been able to succeed at: Weight [continue reading]
    Published at 24 Mar. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Fitness
  • Whether you took a break from training, had to get over a cold or were injured, getting back into the habit of running is – plain and simple – really hard. Not only do you seem to lose your running fitness quicker, but beating the mental block that comes along with getting back into the routine makes it even more difficult to carry on. But here’s the thing, getting over the mental [continue reading]
    Published at 24 Mar. 2015 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Running
  • If you like to stay physically active and exercise every day, whether it's by swimming, talking long walk or by joining a gym class, you need something to keep that energy level up. There are a lot of ways to do that while exercising, but recent studies show that your energy level can be boosted with zinc. How does this work? Read on to discover the answer… Here’s how zinc can [continue reading]
    Published at 18 Mar. 2015 from Ioana Van Niekerk, Fsphealth in General Fitness
  • If you travel a lot, whether is for pleasure or work, crossing multiple time zones can damage your circadian rhythms, no matter how often you fly. And with it, comes that dreaded health problem: Jet lag. Most people do all they can to combat the debilitating symptoms of jet lag, they search, find and choose ways they think work best for them. And some do work. Like not drinking any alcohol before [continue reading]
    Published at 17 Mar. 2015 from Ioana Van Niekerk, Fsphealth in General Health
  • We keep hearing that sugars are bad for our health, and this is shadowing our pleasure when eating sweets or drinking juice/sodas. But there are ways you can sweeten your life without having to worry about negative side effects such as increasing weight. One of them is using honey. Here’s how this powerful weight loss ingredient works…   Honey packs a one-two punch for [continue reading]
    Published at 16 Mar. 2015 from Ioana Van Niekerk, Fsphealth in Weight-Loss
  • Working as a personal trainer in one of the largest commercial gyms in South Africa, my biggest market to cater for is - drum roll please – weight loss. Is this really what you want? Do you really want to lose weight or do you really want to lose those extra few kilograms of fat. Pound for pound, who will win?   When I ask a new client, “What do you want to achieve from [continue reading]
    Published at 13 Mar. 2015 from Matthew Fah, Healthandfitnessclub Expert in Weight-Loss
  • A team of Finish and Swedish researchers have conducted b the first ever randomised controlled trial aimed at slowing down cognitive decline among elderly people. It’s method? To determine the impact a comprehensive programme of muscular and cardiovascular training, mental exercises and advice can manage metabolic and vascular risk factors and reduce risk factors for age-related [continue reading]
    Published at 13 Mar. 2015 from Ioana Van Niekerk, Fsphealth in Mental health

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