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  • It’s no secret that ginger is good for you. You can use it to: 1. Suppress your appetite 2. Aid digestion; 3. Relieve sinusitis; 4. Relieve motion sickness; 5. Relieve gas; 6. Stop nausea after surgery; 7. Keep bloating and cramps at bay; and 8. Relieve joint aches and pains. But there’s another benefit you can add to the already long list: Blood [continue reading]
    Published at 24 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Diabetes
  • Think about what you eat everyday: A burger here, a chocolate there and a bag of chips just because! It’s no wonder type 2 diabetes rates are soaring. But it’s not only sugar that affects your diabetes; it’s your weight too… In fact, Professor Taylor from the Newcastle University says fat is one of the main culprits that causes diabetes. But living with the disease [continue reading]
    Published at 22 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Diabetes
  • In the largest study of its kind, researchers have found a huge clue on how to survive breast cancer. They say eating fruit, vegetables and whole-grains is one of the best ways to do just that! But because it’s a relatively new subject and there aren’t any studies to compare it to researchers haven’t provided much information to the public about it just yet. So, they’re urging [continue reading]
    Published at 21 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Cancer
  • If you’re eating this and swallowing that with the hopes of maintaining your mental health and preventing Alzheimer’s, there might be something even easier you could do. Sure, eating fatty fish and other omega 3-rich foods every day is essential for your mental health, but it’s great for every other part of your body too. I’m talking about eating “special” foods and taking [continue reading]
    Published at 17 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Mental health
  • If you’ve ever said the words “I work well under pressure” this article is for you! Medical News Today says many people believe they can’t live without stress, but the truth is, it could cause your world to come crashing down around you. The problem is, stress IS good for your body. It’s a natural safety net that tells you to run away and hide or fight for your life. But too [continue reading]
    Published at 16 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Mental health
  • Are you in your 40s or 50s? Do you know what your blood pressure is? If you don’t, it’s time to pay attention to your health. Because of your age, your risk of developing high blood pressure is high and you might not even know it… And not only is high blood pressure a very real and scary disease that, if left untreated, can lead to sudden death from heart failure, it can [continue reading]
    Published at 15 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Heart health
  • Aspartame is a household name, but not for any good reasons! Just a few years ago, it was the miraculously cheap, healthy alternative to sugar. It was in everything from chocolate, sweets and diet drinks – and what a bonus, it contains zero calories. Then health fanatics found out the truth. It’s not so good for you after all. Sadly, despite the uproar about aspartame, few [continue reading]
    Published at 13 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Food and Nutrition
  • The length of your index finger can indicate whether your risk of arthritis is higher or lower than the majority of the population. That’s what a study performed by researchers at the Monash University in Australia found in a 14,511 participant ten-year study. Participants provided researchers with the lengths of their index and ring fingers on each hand. They then sent detailed [continue reading]
    Published at 09 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Arthritis
  • You’re probably aware of the impact work-related stress has on your heart health. The typical image you have of someone having a heart attack is a big boss in an expensive suit, clutching his chest as his hand slowly glides off the dark mahogany boardroom table he’s trying to hold himself up with… But wait! Having a heart attack at work isn’t the only serious risk to your health [continue reading]
    Published at 08 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Diabetes
  • All you want to do in the week running up to your period is to gorge on chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets. But it might be worse for your health than just putting on a couple of kilos, warn experts. Because of the way your hormones change when you’re getting ready for menstruation, it could increase the sugar load on your body. And, if you continue to do this every month, it could [continue reading]
    Published at 07 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Diabetes
  • To suggest you stop wearing sun cream because it could damage your health would be irresponsible. Not only is skin cancer one of the most common types of cancer around the world, it’s also the most preventable. And that means there’s no debate about whether you should use sun cream or not. If you’re not, you shouldn’t be in the sun, period. The real debate is whether [continue reading]
    Published at 06 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Cancer
  • Now that we’ve terrified you about using cosmetics and beauty products that contain chemicals, you probably won’t want to use any of them because of the harm they could potentially cause your health… But don’t worry, you don’t have to go completely “naked” without your face on! There are some innovative companies who care about you and your overall health that have [continue reading]
    Published at 03 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Women's health
  • The saying “beauty is only skin deep” may have another meaning. Perhaps, when you think about the idiom in terms of cosmetics, it means your beauty products should stay on the outside, on top of your skin. Because, when they enter through your pores – because of their chemical composition – or you use them too close to your mucous membranes, they no longer leave you beautiful. [continue reading]
    Published at 02 Oct. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Women's health
  • A recent article written in The Guardian sports the headline “Alzheimer’s could be the most catastrophic impact of junk food”. It means you’re literally increasing your Alzheimer’s risk by eating junk food! Shocking, isn’t it! But it’s not a new theory, just a new way of putting it… In fact, about ten years ago, experts suggested Alzheimer's has such a strong link [continue reading]
    Published at 29 Sep. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Mental health
  • The last thing you want for your teenage daughter is a life filled with treatments for breast cancer. But that’s exactly what she’ll get if she doesn’t watch what she eats as she heads into puberty, warn experts. Research conducted by scientists at the University of Michigan found that teen girls could get an aggressive type of breast cancer – that’s usually only seen in young [continue reading]
    Published at 26 Sep. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Cancer
  • FSPs very own Invest team recently performed an experiment to determine just how much one of their colleagues was eating and spending on take-aways every month. He’s apparently the king of take-aways, always looking for a bargain and something tasty but convenient. And he eats take-aways every day. The bill he racked up for just a week was over R240, which means he’s spending close [continue reading]
    Published at 25 Sep. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Food and Nutrition
  • If you’re free from symptoms at the moment, it probably won’t stay that way. Your symptoms will return. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) say, of the people in remission of the disease, 35% will relapse and experience the debilitating symptoms all over again within a year. And if it’s not within a year, you’re 75% at risk of relapsing within ten years of going into [continue reading]
    Published at 22 Sep. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Food and Nutrition

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