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  • What better time to mend a relationship than during the holidays? Without work and the exhaustion that goes along with it, you can set aside time to rekindle your love with your partner! And it’s easier than you think. Here are seven tips to get your relationship back on track this December… *********** Hot off the press ************   Ginkgo Biloba won’t just help [continue reading]
    Published at 15 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Health
  • Your summer skin looks healthy, radiant and glowing. That’s if you look after it! But sometimes your skin health takes a knock in summer because of all the time you spend in the sun and sea. And that can leave you with anything from breakouts, sunburn, rashes and very dry skin. That’s why today, we’re talking about four of the most common skin problems you may suffer from in [continue reading]
    Published at 12 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Skin disorders
  • Just because it’s the holiday and you’re on leave, doesn’t mean you can let yourself go. While you don’t have to wake up at 5am to hit the gym and eat only salads and low fat meals, you should still think about your health every day. It’s easier than you think! For example, instead of going to the gym to exercise, put in some exercise time outdoors. Go for a run in the [continue reading]
    Published at 15 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Food and Nutrition
  • The Festive Season is a great time to kick off your shoes and relax. You don’t have anything to worry about because your family is all by your side and there’s nothing to do besides sit back and enjoy the time off. But did you know the December holidays are when the most accidents happen? And they happen right under your nose in your own home. And it’s because you think it’s [continue reading]
    Published at 15 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Health
  • You can’t wait until the office closes for the year. Not only because you can sleep late and do all the chores around the house that have built up over the last few months, but your back and neck need a break from being stuck behind your desk. If this sounds like you, you’re suffering from “computer body”. A term coined by Yahoo Health that describes how your body’s muscle [continue reading]
    Published at 10 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Arthritis
  • You might have heard about the mineral selenium. But do you know just how important it is for your body? Well, it’s radically important, we can assure you! This because your body needs it for every process. From keeping your blood vessels healthy to being able to get rid of toxins. And even though you only need tiny amounts because it’s so powerful, many people still don’t get [continue reading]
    Published at 11 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Cancer
  • If you suffer from arthritis in your hips or knees, working behind your desk and sitting for hours every day can be complete agony. And no matter how many pills you pop, or how many times you move, the pain doesn’t seem to ease up. If this is your fate every single day, we’re here to provide you with five solutions you can incorporate into your day that’ll not only help relieve your [continue reading]
    Published at 08 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Arthritis
  • As you already know, eating fat doesn't make you fat! In fact, eating more (healthy) fat is the best way to lose weight and improve your health! It's eating too many carbs - especially refined ones - that are robbing you of your health and leaving your unable to lose weight! Check out this awesome infographic that explains it in detail... [continue reading]
    Published at 05 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Weight Loss
  • If you, like most of the working population, spend your days behind a desk with little more movement than a stretch to grab your coffee mug that the tea lady has so kindly put on your desk, your health might be in serious trouble. You’ve probably heard it before: Sitting is worse than smoking. And it’s no joke! Sitting just four hours a day can leave your health in ruins. So imagine [continue reading]
    Published at 04 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Health
  • The Engine 2 Diet is number five on the US News top heart healthy diets! It’s a strange name for a diet and you might wonder if it really works. But coming in just behind the Ornish, TLC, DASH and Mediterranean diets, it MUST work. And it does… Behind the diet is Rip Esselstyn, who has a long list of athletic titles behind his name. But it’s his time at the Austin Engine 2 [continue reading]
    Published at 02 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Heart health
  • A whopping 20% of South African adults are living with AIDS. But what about all those who don't know their status? That's why the theme for this year's #WorldAIDSDay is #GettingToZero in the hope that people all over the country will respond to the #KnowYourStatus campaign and take advantage of the free #HIV testing that's taking place at pharmacy-based clinics all over the country. Do [continue reading]
    Published at 01 Dec. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in General Health
  • Besides leaving you feeling like you’ve been run over by a bus, binge drinking can have serious effects on your health. Just a couple of drinks with your friends in a short space of time, can leave you with severe health consequences. And one of those is on your eye health. While the redness, soreness, tiredness and increased light sensitivity wears off after a couple of days [continue reading]
    Published at 27 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Vision health
  • Think back to your childhood and the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When Goldilocks entered the three bears’ house she tried mamma bear, papa bear and baby bear’s chairs, porridge and beds. She was only completely satisfied when baby bear’s items were “just right”. While it might sound strange, your body has the same relationship with alcohol! Especially when it [continue reading]
    Published at 24 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Diabetes
  • On a hot summer’s day, there are three things that keep you reaching for a beer as your go-to thirst quencher: 1. Wrapping your hand around the ice cold glass as you pull it out of the fridge; 2. Hearing the unmistakeable “tshhhh” when you crack the top; and 3. The bitter, fizzy taste as the first sip rolls over your tongue. Can you just imagine yourself saying [continue reading]
    Published at 21 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Cancer
  • Think about these two points for a minute: 1. People sleep, on average, two hours less than they did ten years ago; and 2. Depression and anxiety rates are soaring at an alarming rate of 20% a year. Is there a connection? There sure is! In fact, the less you sleep, the more likely you are to worry, suffer from a number of anxiety disorders and develop depression. All [continue reading]
    Published at 18 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Mental health
  • Do you wake up in the morning with a dry mouth and such bad breath you don’t talk until you’ve thoroughly brushed, flossed and gargled – twice? No, you don’t have some freak illness that’s causing your oral health to take a dive. It’s because you’re not taking care in one nighttime activity. If you’re protesting and ready to argue that you brush your teeth every night [continue reading]
    Published at 14 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Ageing
  • Think back to when you played sport at school… During half time, someone would run onto the field with two sticky bags of quartered oranges and give one to each team. While it was a messy business and you never quite knew what to do with the leftover shell or how to clean you hands, it was better for you than you think. And today, you’ll learn why it’s an important ritual you should [continue reading]
    Published at 12 Nov. 2014 from Vanessa Jackson, Fsp Health in Food and Nutrition

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